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Chamber Awards

Ambassador of the Year

The Ambassador of the Year Award is given for active participation in many aspects of the Chamber, including committee participation and leadership; event and community support; and overall “Ambassador” for the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce.

2022 Awardee – Paul Ridgeway, R&R Catering

Chamber Star Award

The Chamber Star Award was developed to recognize a Chamber volunteer that shines with extraordinary measures of service and commitment to the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce. This award was established in 2007.

2022 Awardee – Patrick Moltane, Keller Williams

Citizen of the Year

Annual nominations for this award are submitted from the Chamber membership and voted on by a representation of the past award winners. The individual need not be a Chamber member, but should be someone who has worked hard to make Shawnee a better place to live, work and grow.

2022 Awardee – Kevin Fern, Visit Shawnee

Small Business Saturday in Shawnee

Chamber Member Directory In the heart of the Midwest, nestled within the charming city of Shawnee, Kansas, Small Business Saturday takes on a special significance. This annual event, occurring on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, serves as a rallying call for residents to explore and support the diverse array of local businesses that define the…

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Achieve Big Things When You Think Small

Workplace personalities can be broken down into four distinct types of workers. Understanding the different types of workers and what motivates them can lead to greater job satisfaction and a better fit between employer and employee.

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Why Understanding Workplace Personality Boosts Company Culture 

Workplace personalities can be broken down into four distinct types of workers. Understanding the different types of workers and what motivates them can lead to greater job satisfaction and a better fit between employer and employee.

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Do personal stories help or hurt your business? 

SUMMARY Telling personal stories is an effective way to engage customers and humanize your brand. Make sure the story relates to your company’s values or mission. Use HubSpot’s guide to business storytelling as a resource when crafting stories. Personal stories do not have to be about you-they can be about your customers too. When done…

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Why Serving Your Community Can Grow Your Business

SUMMARY • Engaging in community service builds a positive reputation, encourages staff retention and loyalty, and amplifies core values. • Serving your community may help you hire and retain employees who are a better culture fit-younger generations of jobseekers want to find fulfillment in their work. • When picking partners for community engagement, choose those…

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Boost Your Productivity with These Practical Habits

SUMMARY Batching tasks allows you to group similar tasks together and focus on them for a specific period of time, improving concentration and allowing you to monotask rather than multitask. “Eating the frog” is a productivity hack that prioritizes the most difficult task first, leading to feelings of accomplishment that can carry over into the…

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Are You a Micromanager?

Finding Freedom in Delegation and Trust In the realm of leadership, one trait that can hinder both personal growth and team effectiveness is micromanagement. Are you a micromanager? It’s a question worth introspecting upon for anyone in a leadership role, as the answer can have profound implications for both individuals and the organizations they lead.…

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The Crucial Role of Economic Development Councils in Fostering Regional Prosperity

“Opening Doors” Economic development councils (EDCs), like the one in Shawnee, are instrumental entities that play a vital role in stimulating economic growth, creating job opportunities, and enhancing the overall well-being of communities. These organizations operate at local, regional, or state levels and collaborate with various stakeholders to foster sustainable economic development. This article explores…

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Exploring the Thrills of Sports Tourism in Shawnee, KS

Play Ball! Sports tourism has become a growing phenomenon, attracting enthusiasts from around the world to experience the thrill of both competitive and recreational activities. One destination that has emerged as a hidden gem for sports tourism is Shawnee, Kansas. Located in the heartland of America, Shawnee offers a plethora of sporting events and facilities…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Chamber of Commerce

The Benefits Of Being A Chamber Member When it comes to advancing your business and maximizing your opportunities, joining a chamber of commerce can be a game-changer. A chamber of commerce is an association of businesses and professionals in a particular region or industry that works to promote economic growth and advocate for the interests…

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