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Sports Facilities in Shawnee, KS


^^ 2019's NAGAAA World Series Tournament held in Shawnee, Kansas.

Looking to host a sports tournament in the Kansas City area or even know you want to be in Shawnee, Kansas? We have a list here of all our rentable facilities that you can use for your single or multi-sport tournament. Explore the options below.

Specifically, Shawnee excels in hosting Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, or even Sand Volleyball tournaments all in our Valley of Champions District. This district boasts 6 different sports venues all within a 2-mile radius along Johnson and Woodland Drive, in northwest Shawnee.

Click the link below to see the Valley of Champions map and all it includes. Even better, the Valley of Champions is just minutes from dozens of restaurants and Shawnee's five different hotel options.

Shawnee's Sports Venues:

Need assistance with your tournament in Shawnee? Not sure which venue is best for your tournament or event? Looking for hotels to partner with?

Contact our office! Visit Shawnee is happy to assist you, connect you with venues and local businesses, and to answer your questions.

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