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Sports Facilities in Shawnee, KS


^^ 2019's NAGAAA World Series Tournament held in Shawnee, Kansas.

Looking to host a sports tournament in the Kansas City area or even know you want to be in Shawnee, Kansas? We have a list here of all our rentable facilities that you can use for your single or multi-sport tournament. Explore the options below.

Specifically, Shawnee excels in hosting Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, or even Sand Volleyball tournaments all in our Valley of Champions District. This district boasts 6 different sports venues all within a 2-mile radius along Johnson and Woodland Drive, in northwest Shawnee.

Click the link below to see the Valley of Champions map and all it includes. Even better, the Valley of Champions is just minutes from dozens of restaurants and Shawnee's five different hotel options.

Shawnee's Sports Venues:

Mid-America Sports Complex (for baseball and softball)

Mid-America Sports Complex has everything you need for softball and baseball leagues, events, and major tournaments. The 70-acre site can host a multitude of games within a day or weekend and is managed by Johnson County Parks and Recreation.


The facility boasts 10, 300-foot fenced, lighted fields perfect for youth, adult, or senior games and two additional baseball-specific diamonds modeled off of Fenway and Kauffman Stadium.


Additionally, the full family can be entertained with a newly constructed Fan Zone featuring a playground and yard games. The facility also offers 2 practice areas, 14 batting cages, 4 turfed fields, 3 different satellite concession and restrooms buildings, tons of parking with enough room for RV's, and more. 


Visit Shawnee is excited to note that Mid-America Sports Complex is undergoing a 3 phased off-season improvement plan. Check out what's being updated currently on the JCPRD website.


Featured Sports: Softball and Baseball

Address: 20000 Johnson Drive Shawnee, KS 66218

Sales/Management Contact:  

  • Doug Hite, 913-826-2908

Field Details: 

  • 10 300' fenced softball/baseball fields
    • All fields offer LED lighting
    • 4 fields are currently turfed (turfing of 6 remaining fields planned soon)
  • 2 baseball-specific fields
    • 1 393' fenced field modeled off of Fenway Park
    • 1 381' fenced field modeled off of Kauffman Stadium


  • Lots and lots of parking
  • Fan Zone featuring:
    • Event management center
    • Umpire room
    • Full kitchen/concessions area
    • Outdoor shaded seating with both heating and cooling capabilities
    • Yard games
    • "Campground" area for teams to set up their own on-site HQ
    • Ability to "broadcast" on-site games
    • Full playground area
  • Entry Plaza featuring:
    • Ability to require/manage gate fees
    • Multiple gates for end of night easier access
    • Photo/selfie opportunity
    • Emergency Vehicle access
  • 3 Satellite Concessions and Restrooms near field clusters
  • 2 Batting Cage stations:
    • One with 10 lanes, one with 4 lanes
  • 2 areas/fields to serve as bullpen or throw/catch practice
  • Walking trails surrounding facility for downtime

Mid-America West Sports Complex (for baseball and softball)

Mid-America West Sports Complex sits just north of Shawnee and Johnson County Park's and Rec's other complex: Mid-America Sports Complex. 

However, MAWSC is entirely focused on youth softball offering 12 fields, in addition to concessions, restrooms and other standard amenities. Coupled, with Mid-America Sports Complex and Stump Park, MAWSC makes up nearly half of Shawnee's 30 softball and baseball fields located within a 2-mile radius.


Additionally, it shares a large parking lot with Johnson County Parks and Rec's Okun Fieldhouse right next door to it. 



Featured Sports: Softball and Baseball

Address: 20200 Johnson Drive Shawnee, KS 66218

Sales/Management Contact:  

  • Doug Hite, 913-826-2908

Field Details: 

  • 8 200' fenced softball/baseball fields
  • 2 170' fenced softball/baseball fields
  • 2 140' fenced softball/baseball fields


  • Lots and lots of parking
  • Concession stand and restrooms in the center of both 4- field zones
  • Pitch and catch practice areas
  • Walking trails surrounding facility for downtime

Need assistance with your tournament in Shawnee? Not sure which venue is best for your tournament or event? Looking for hotels to partner with?

Contact our office! Visit Shawnee is happy to assist you, connect you with venues and local businesses, and to answer your questions.

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