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Shawnee Chamber and Visit Shawnee Debut New Websites!


The Shawnee Chamber and Visit Shawnee are excited debut their new websites, in addition to the announcements of two additional microsites for the Shawnee Chamber Corporation.


Redesigning and Refreshing

With our prior website dating 4+ years, the Shawnee Chamber worked with its CRM and database vendor, GrowthZone, to develop a new website for both the Chamber and Visit Shawnee. The two-month process involved identifying an appropriate layout theme and a move to a new domain name for the Chamber group's websites. This new domain name is

While the domain name itself does have a landing page it does not serve a purpose as its own unique website. Instead, the Chamber, Visit Shawnee, All in Shawnee, and the Chamber's 75th Anniversary all have their own dedicated "sections" of the website that have individual looks and feels.

Explore each of those unique sections by their individual URLs below and their subsequent pages:

You may notice that there are still some pages that need to be published on our different websites. Please be patient with us as we are still working on finalizing some new content and making last edits on different areas of each. We should have each section finalized before the end of the year! In the meantime, stay tuned and let us know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on our new website. Email Dustin Wolfe, our Director of Marketing and Events, or any other member of our staff if so. 

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